When it comes to our work, we keep convincing ourselves not to do certain activities that might be great for us! Why? Because we become entrenched in paths of thinking that make it easy for us to say no to new projects or ideas. These freedoms are my core thesis, which I set out to prove through my art and content.

Freedom to explore

From my work, I know how easy it is to entrench in only doing a certain thing a certain way. We all do it, and it’s important for developing the things that we’re best at.

I forced myself to only do business for years upon years, only to find myself unfulfilled and depressed. Why was that? I was doing what I thought I enjoyed the most, so surely I would be having a great time?

The fact is, we all burnout, and an essential part of doing that is to explore new avenues for creativity. I found drag through my wonderful drag mother, Tanja McKenzie, and it allowed me to see business in a way that’s more suitable for me. Now, that’s the main part of my business!

Don’t be afraid to try new things and to create things for the sake of creating them. You don’t know where they will lead you until you try.

Freedom to finish

One of the worst parts of my development as a person and a freelancer was client management. It was only until very recently I understood what the problem was!

See, just as important it is to try new things, it’s also very important to end old activities. So many things change over time that it’s ridiculous to continue with work and projects that have stayed their course.

This is why the freedom to finish is so important. Without it, we would not be able to explore new things, we would just do the same things forever!

Things will go wrong. You will not want to do things anymore. This process is essential for my work, and I imagine it is for yours too.

Freedom to monetise

There is no trope I find more silly than that of the starving artist. I’ve done whole performances making fun of it! The fact is, there is no reason to sacrifice your ability to survive for your ability to create. The balancing act is tough, and we get a lot of it wrong, but nobody should have to go hungry to do what they love.

To a lot of people, that sounds ridiculous! If I want you to explore new things and get rid of things that aren’t benefiting you anymore, how exactly are you supposed to keep a job?

So that’s the thing- I’m not asking you to. What I’m saying is that there’s a way for you to add monetisation to what you enjoy so you can stay alive AND follow your dreams. You are allowed to do that and shouldn’t concern yourself with people who say you can’t.

When I am Miss Penny Press acting as Miss Penny Press, I always have a card reader attached to my head. This is a creative piece of my art that also allows me to gain extra income whenever anyone feels like giving me money. This works great for me, since questioning money in regards to art is a huge part of my art. There’ll be a way for you to monetise that you feel comfortable with, too!

Freedom to clown

To do business, for most people, relies on the upmost professional behaviour and seriousness. I think that’s stupid. For most people, as long as a few things are put into place for your business (think taxes and work contracts) then you are pretty much golden.

This means you can act how you want, in essence. I’m still friendly and courteous and I try my best, but I think those are more qualities of myself vs. some type of business persona I’ve put on.

For me, “Freedom to Clown” is freedom to produce work that is silly, playful, and weird. I love operating in the world of the absurd and the surreal, and to do so doesn’t take anything away from my ability to operate a business.

Silliness is something big businesses are doing. Wendy’s Twitter is sassy, Denny’s Tumblr creates outrageous photos, and one look at mainstream media is proof!

I don’t let business limit who I am, and I implore you to do the same.

Freedom to collaborate

Nobody goes it alone. I’m no different! My work is what it is because I’ve done cool stuff with a lot of cool people. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am as an artist without the people and institutions that have existed for ages beyond me.

Making stuff together is what makes us human. For a while, I forgot that and tried to stand alone.

I want to go back to putting collaboration first. Not only with people who are more experienced than me, but with people who picked up a paintbrush or a guitar a week ago and just feel like making something. It was the people at the very start of my creative career that got me to where I am now and I want to pay it forward this year.

If you want to pitch any project to me, just get in touch. Even better- join my community. You can hit me up on social media, but I want you to get the same experience I did and you can only do that by getting in touch with the same people I did.

If you want to meet a lot of those people in one place, join my Discord! Discord is an open platform for creating chatrooms and voice chats, and I’ve found it a great place to meet so many amazing people. It’s also the quickest way to get in contact with me.

Thanks for reading! What freedoms are important for you?