It takes a lot of work to be an entrepreneur. You’ve got to be ready to take risks and work countless hours a day.

I was already doing the hard work, but I just wasn’t getting the fulfilment. In fact, all I was doing was burning out. I found myself with no will to leave bed for several months. It wasn’t until my drag mother to be, Tanja McKenzie, put me into drag for the first time that I was able to escape that rut.

With drag I had finally found something fulfilling to me, but as it turns out the UK drag scene is woefully underpaid. In Newcastle especially, only the queens who had been doing drag for years were making any resemblance of an income.

So, I set about finding my own way to make it work. It took me a while, but in doing so I found a sure-fire strategy to allow any hard working creator a decent income.

There was only two caveats:

  • You already had to know what you loved to create, regardless of what it was.
  • It can take the average person their entire career to set up.

I can’t help anyone find out what they want to do with their life, we all find out in the weirdest ways. But, I did have the exact skillset to make it happen as soon as possible.

How it works

Your life so far is entirely unique. There’s no other person who has ever existed ever who has had a life exactly like yours. During it, you’ve stumbled onto what you love doing. You might have found yourself working with your hands, or performing on whatever platform you found home.

What you’ve created so far has this great value, but if you don’t have the success you want it’s because you’re focusing on making money from what you do and not sharing your value. What most new creators don’t realise is that their own need to make an income is what is guaranteeing that they won’t make one.

See, absolutely nobody in the world cares about how much money you make, they care about the value you give them.

Currently, you’ll be giving them that value through what you make or do. That’s all well and good, but what you make isn’t guaranteed to sell well and many craft products are very seasonal.

That’s why I focus on marketing solutions that will give your customers more value, bring in new potential customers, and even create it’s own income if you feel so inclined!

Even better, even the busiest creator can make this type of marketing work for them. I focus on making your marketing as fun and sustainable as possible.

I know that you want to focus on making jam, or your performance, or making a new line of ceramic yarn bowls. That’s why you’ll get to focus on living your life whilst I get on with the heavy lifting.

We’ll talk one on one to create a custom strategy that will make your marketing easy and successful. For example, my services include:

  • Web Design
  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Market Research
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Web Security
  • Email Marketing

You can start to get to grips with these by downloading my free eBook, which you can get here. I break these down into small tasks that you can use to get started with some of these marketing ideas. You can also get my social media advice there, which includes:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Discord
  • Twitch

This set of social media is what I recommend most creative businesses try. If you choose to livestream (which can have huge benefits for your business, since you can use your time creating to also market your products) Twitch is very useful.

Discord is the best communication tool between you and your fans. It’s easy to setup and customise, and it gives your audience a way to talk directly with each other. As a creative, that’s huge. That means you have control over the conversation whilst giving your fans a great place to congregate!

So are you any good?

Good question!

My clients keep coming back to me because I get the results they need. That’s why skeleton articulators, Swedish Café owners, and market disruptors come to me. I can’t help but grin from ear-to-ear when I get great testimonials like this!

Initially, I was having a little trouble setting up as an art streamer. She comes in and everything was almost perfectly in place in the blink of an eye. She has been always one step ahead. For example, she prepared a chatbot for me so it now automatically interacts with my viewers. Personality of the AI is also spot on. When I wanted to have a giveaway competition, she set the competition page, winner draw logic, and announcement command literally while I was on the bus! I am also impressed with her project/community management skills. Using different tones of language accordingly, she entertains and manages the community well. For a while, my hands were completely off from things and I was completely satisfied with it because she was handling things well. She is also a great consultant. She always meets your needs as an entrepreneur. And most importantly, she is a great friend now. You wouldn’t regret working with her.

Q Yoneda, Comic Artist and Illustrator,

I needed help to focus my marketing through social media in order to drive sales to my café. Penny devised and implemented a strategy to monitor engagement through the social media platforms. This enabled us to target our customers more accurately and therefore be more choiceful in our social media decision making. Having the metrics to analyse the performance of our social media strategy has been a real help and I would thoroughly recommend Penny in the future.

Jonatan Ek, Owner,

Penny has designed and developed the FlipnFast website. She took time to know and understand our brand and etho. She listened to and acted on feedback in the design stage, and I am impressed with her people skills and communication. The end result looks professional, pleasing, easy to follow and represents FlipnFast very well. I would highly recommend to anybody looking for a new website.

Anna Hunter, Owner,

Miss Penny Press is personable and pleasant person to work with. She is a prompt & clear communicator, and has continually gone above and beyond my expectations as her client. Miss Penny has a vast knowledge of online services, combined with their excellent networking skills. She provides caring and quality customer service. All work has been completed swiftly and smoothly, and she has been adaptable to my needs as a client no matter the project.

Mo Black, Skeleton Articulator,

Let’s be honest. There’s a million and one freelancers out here on the internet. The fact that you found this drag queen in a sea of massive companies is proof that my strategy works! My system has been the turning point for so many businesses. I would love to get you the same results. You can contact me directly using the contact form below. Let’s chat!

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