BUSINESS is a drag

Let me paint a picture.

You keep saying “I’m going to do my marketing! I’ll have the best social media presence and everyone will love me!”

Yet, it’s been months since you said that and you have nothing to show for yourself.

Don’t worry, I used to be like that too. It wasn’t until I discovered passive marketing.

How does it work do you ask? Drop me a line here and we’ll start working on a strategy. Or, read on to learn more!

How I’ll make you money


Websites are the real estate of the internet. Do you want a shack or do you want a high street store teeming with customers? Let me build that for you.


Well written articles get flocked to like an ice cream van on a crowded beach. Let me make you a great blog that gets those results!

Community building

A regular customer is the best thing you can have. Well, what if I could get you thousands of people to support and believe in what you do? I can!

Hi, I’m Penny! Nice to meet you.

Thanks for checking out my site! I figured out how to make digital marketing work for me, now I’ll help it work for you!

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