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Look, we both know what a boring event feels like. Your employees/attendees won’t sit through another one! Let me sort that out.

I’m Miss Penny Press, and I’m an engaging speaker who isn’t afraid to bring something new to the table!

Looking for fun instead? I am a Drag Queen after all, see what I offer below! Also, have a flick through some articles to discover events I’ve done in the past.

Public speaking

Do you want someone different for your next event? Pick the most fun and engaging speaker you’ll ever have! I’ve loved taking on paid speaking gigs at Newcastle University, but there’s no limit to where I’ll speak. If you can hand me a mic and want me to talk business, drop me a line!



Does your event need a crowd pleaser? If you need someone to bring the banter, look no further than me, Miss Penny Press! Don’t think I just do hen dos, I’m available for whatever you need me for! If you have a brand that needs showcasing, I’ll make a custom outfit out of your branding! How’s that for an unforgettable night?


Finding the right person for workshops is tough! If you have a venue that needs both a personality and experience, you can’t book anyone better than a Drag Businesswoman! I’ll teach classes in all of those fancy keywords (like SEO and content strategy) and break it down so folks can finally understand them! I can even provide custom workbooks so you can be sure that they can take the workshop home forever.

Performance spots

She’s no stranger to lip synching! I’m a Newcastle local, but you can also spot me down in Birmingham and Coventry. If you’ve got a night that requires some camp flair, just ask Miss Penny Press to bring it! You can also have me for comedy and spoken word, should the mood take you.

Hi, I’m Penny! Nice to meet you.

Thanks for checking out my site! I figured out how to make digital marketing work for me, now I’ll help it work for you!

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