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Who is she?

I have a burning passion for building kickass businesses for passionate people!

Becoming a drag queen gave me a whole new avenue for my creativity, so I’ve slammed business and drag together to become the ultimate businesswoman!

A Businesswoman?

Hell yeah, a businesswoman! Miss Penny Press is a character, like any other drag character. She’s a woman! See, instead of just performing in nightclubs, a big part of my performance is what you find incredibly mundane.

I see cool creative folks like you stuck with no money or no fulfilling job. That’s what I’m out to solve for you at no cost.

Imagine going to a business convention, but instead of being lectured by a monotonous middle-aged man, you get to enjoy yourself whilst getting extreme insight into digital marketing. That’s my goal!

But why should I care?

If I get to live my dreams TO THE LETTER before reaching 21, you deserve those opportunities too! If you stay persistent, you can start working towards a passive income website. I’ll break down everything for you for free, and if you pay attention and stay diligent, you will earn $500/mo passive income within a year.

Penny, that’s nothing.

Maybe to you! But if you’re here and you actually do need help having that guaranteed $500 (that’s only going to grow) is game changing. $6k extra in 2020 covers utilities ($2,020) and food ($2,641) for you for a year, on average! The last $1339 covers expected business costs for a website trying to grow ($500 or less for one year) and the taxes from gaining that income.

 Or hell, let’s say you have a part time job that covers it all, but you do an expensive craft like glasswork. $6000 puts a massive dint in your expenses and you’re already doing most of the stuff you need to do to run a successful site!

I make small promises because I plan to keep them. Most online gurus will promise you the moon, take your money, and then not care if you succeed.

And I’m not even going to take your money.

Penny, I am scratching my head here! How do you make any money?

i use my own methods

Obviously, I make passive websites too. I talk about these methods because I’m taking what I know and throw it out to you. You’ll then get back to me with your needs and uses and my methods just keep getting better.

I help you out

Look, I recognise this is tough. If you already have money, you can hire me to help you out! It’s not necessary, but a lot of people have something which they hate about running a website. I’ll work to fix that so you can just keep working!

I’m currently in the process of making this site the ultimate tool for people like you to follow their dreams. Come check out the Penny 2019 campaign below!

Penny makes cents!

Have you ever tried to make a significant life change?

It’s tough as hell!

So, I’m documenting my choices this year, so you can gain real world data into reaching your long-term goals.