BUSINESS is a drag

“Managing a business is so much work! Why did nobody tell us that? If only there was someone to help us out!”

Hello! I’m Miss Penny Press, the only drag queen that’s doing digital marketing in the morning and working the stage at night.

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The Queen

I’m available for bookings! I do both business and entertainment events. So, if you need someone for public speaking or just entertainment- why not me?


I’m a piss-free freelancer. I’m going to work with you to show you what really matters for your business, so you’ll make your money back faster. Neat!


Want to hang out with me and a bunch of cool folks? Come join my free group on Discord. If you do, you can reach out for advice at any time!

Hi, I’m Penny! Nice to meet you.

Thanks for checking out my site! I figured out how to make digital marketing work for me, now I’ll help it work for you!

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