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BUSINESS is a drag

Why have we made business so difficult? We can’t talk about it, we can’t learn about it, and we certainly can’t do it! It’s time to open up the world of business to everyone.

Hi! I’m Miss Penny Press. I’m a drag queen and marketing expert. I create art and content that breaks down the barriers between business and culture.

Come get involved! Read about my 5 creative freedoms, explore my work, and contact me. I try and make myself as accessible as possible for freelance business and marketing work too.

Or, you know, hit this big button and email me straight away!

What I do


I’m a performance and digital artist focusing on exploring the impact of business on people. I use drag, design and experiences to produce my work- check it out!


I do business and marketing development for small companies and sole traders. By combining online and offline experiences, I can build a dedicated audience for your brand.


The best way to make business easier is just to talk about it. That’s what I do! You can read my written content here, and watch my videos on YouTube.

My 5 Essential Creative Freedoms

My 5 Essential Creative Freedoms

When it comes to our work, we keep convincing ourselves not to do certain activities that might be great for us! Why? Because we become entrenched in paths of thinking that make it easy for us to say no to new projects or ideas. These freedoms are my core thesis,...

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