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BUSINESS is a drag

And honey, you need a drag queen.

I’m Miss Penny Press, a one-of-a-kind content creator that makes highly engaging marketing campaigns and strategies that are actually exciting!

Basically, I do the type of marketing that other marketers are afraid to do. You can trust me to impress your audience- I turn heads day and night, on stage or off!

Whether you need me to make content or host an event, you can trust me to get results without bogging you down with boredom.

All my clients say the same thing. “Never in my life would I have hired a drag queen, but you killed it!”

I understand the apprehension- after all you NEVER email someone straight from the off. Why not me? I’ll write you a 500 word article for free just for getting in touch.

My Services


I’m available for bookings! I do both business and entertainment events. So, if you need someone for public speaking or to host & lipsync- why not me?

content creation

I’ll tell the stories people need to hear about your business. I’ll write blog posts, articles, copy and more! I’ll also make your imagery, audio and videos.

Art & Theatre

I’m developing art, comedy, and theatrical performances. Once I’m ready to show you more, I’ll let you know! Hope you’re looking forward to it!

Show me some love!

Hi, I’m Penny! Nice to meet you.

Image of Miss Penny Press pointing to herself and smilingThanks for checking out my site! My blog helps people like you keep up to date on the new exciting content on the web. Give it a read!

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